Security Consulting

Our unified network and security management platform ensures contextual awareness, resulting in a true and accurate picture of the customer’s environment. This progressive and comprehensive approach is key to effectively maintaining, optimizing, and securing their infrastructure.

Vulnerability Assessments (VA)

Vulnerabilities manifest within customer environments in a variety of ways. These include the misconfiguration of devices and systems (e.g. sub-optimal configurations, leaving default accounts active, etc.), along with technical flaws or bugs identified with the system itself.  Vulnerabilities may also be introduced via non-technical aspects, such as broken or inadequate processes and procedures, or employees deviating from defined procedure (eg. social engineering).

A Vulnerability Assessment (VA) is the process of identifying and quantifying vulnerabilities found to be present within the environment. This proactive approach to identifying system vulnerabilities allows customers to address issues before they are exploited.

The frequency with which vulnerability scans are performed has a direct correlation on how long the customer may be exposed to a particular vulnerability. Routine vulnerability scanning service (included in our NextGEN management service) ensure minimal exposure to any new vulnerabilities that are identified within the environment.

Key Points…

  • Routine Vulnerability Assessments can reduce the amount of time the organization is exposed to a vulnerability.
  • Reduces the organization’s risk by proactively identifying existing issues within the environment.
  • Ensures organizational standards are being implemented.
  • May help Identify sub-optimal or misconfigurations within the environment.

Key Points…

  • Serves as an efficient way to evaluate the organization’s current security posture.
  • Serves to validate end-user adherence to defined corporate security policies.
  • Enables the organization to understand the impact of vulnerabilities present within the environment.
  • May aid in satisfying compliance and/or regulation requirements.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing provides an effective and proactive approach to evaluating an organization’s security posture.  By modeling real-world attack techniques, we strive to identify key areas to be addressed.

A Penetration Test is an authorized attempt to infiltrate an organization through carefully exploiting any vulnerabilities that may exist.  Vulnerabilities may be introduced into a customer’s environment through technical flaws (bugs) within systems and applications, through misconfiguration of systems and/or devices, or through other non-technical aspects, such as broken or inadequate processes and procedures or employees deviating from such processes (social engineering).

Penetration Tests not only aid organizations in avoiding costly service interruptions and data breaches, but also allow organizations to effectively evaluate the current security mechanisms in place, along with their employee’s adherence to defined policies and procedures.

NextGEN Network Managed Services

Our unified network and security management platform utilizes contextual awareness to ensure the accurate identification of malicious activity occurring within the environment. This progressive and comprehensive approach to network & security management is imperative to effectively maintaining, optimizing, and securing the organization’s environment.

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Key Points…

  • Early identification of issues before they are service impacting.
  • Accurate root cause analysis for all issues.
  • Vulnerability Management Services (VMS).
  • Data & system integrity verification services.
  • Increased system availability & lower operational support costs.

Key Points…

  • Ensures sufficient policies, standards and response plan(s) exist to respond to an incident.
  • Ensures that internal IT personnel understand their responsibilities should a security incident occur.
  • Ensures that adequate and relevant information is being collected should an investigation take place.
  • Understand how to preserve evidence should a security incident take place.

Incident Response

Should disaster strike,  would you know how to respond?  Would you have sufficient information for an investigation? Would you know how to preserve evidence and track down the extent of the incident?

These are all questions organizations need to ask themselves.  Our Incident Handling services are designed to assist organizations in planning and preparing activities to ensure they are able to respond appropriately should a security incident take place.

Our services can be used to assist IT professionals & managers to develop an effective Incident Response plan for their organization, as well as associated policies and standards.  Security consultancy services can also be leveraged to assist the organization in responding to a security incident.

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