Security Awareness Training

Educating employees on how to identify and respond to malicious activity may be your most effective layer of defense.  Our engaging and interactive training platform equips organizations to assess, track, and improve the knowledge of the individual.

Security Awareness Training

LMQ Technology offers a comprehensive Security Awareness Training course that can be integrated into an organization’s compliance program.  Our awareness course is designed to ensure that their end-users are not only educated on the risks and threats facing businesses today, but it aids in modifying end-user behavior thus allowing them to respond to malicious activity appropriately.  Our security awareness courses are built upon the “CIS Critical Security Controls”. However, our courses can be customized to include specific organizational policies.

Step 1.

Security Awareness Training
Our interactive security awareness course assesses the existing security knowledge of the individual while introducing them to new concepts and attack techniques.

Step 2.


Security Awareness Exam
The individual takes a multiple choice security awareness exam to assess their knowledge of the concepts presented in the interactive training.

Step 3.


Enhancement of Training Material
Exam results are analyzed to identify key areas for improvement.  A customized training course is then generated based upon the results.

Step 4.

Enhanced Training Course
The customized interactive training course is delivered to the user to ensure that they understand those concepts they previously struggled with.

Simulated Phishing Attacks

Phishing scams are facilitated by email and are used by cyber criminals to trick the victim into either revealing sensitive information such as passwords, account numbers, etc, or facilitating in the delivery of malicious code such as Ransomware, Malware, Viruses, etc..

So why have Phishing attacks gained so much attention recently? The simple answer is that they generally work! They provide a low-cost, low-risk effective mechanism for malicious activity. Email defenses may help reduce the number of attacks received by an organization, however, due to the sophisticated nature of some of these attacks, they are generally ineffective in identifying all Phishing messages. This means that our most powerful line of defense against these types of attack is user education. Our online security training, along with our ‘Smells Phishy” simulated phishing attack programs, have become effective tools to be incorporated into an organization’s corporate awareness training.

LMQ Technology’s “Smells Phishy” service is designed to be a cost-effective tool to help organizations address and thwart the ongoing assault of phishing scams. It is designed to safely simulate real-world Phishing attacks for the purpose of educating the end user. It can be coupled with our online security training to provide an accurate evaluation of the end-users susceptibility to this type of attack, allowing simulated attacks to be customized to assess the types of message the end-user is more susceptible to.  Once this information has been analyzed, customized training is then delivered to the end user to help develop their security awareness.

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