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Organizations are faced with an increasing assault of sophisticated and evolving threats designed to compromise, disrupt, or even disable the organization’s ability to operate.  Threat actors, ranging from individual hackers to well-organized cybercrime syndicates, constantly seek to exploit vulnerabilities in organizational networks and systems.  This constant threat demands organizations to be able to quickly and effectively identify and respond to threats targeting the organization.  


XploitGuardian extends past simply detecting incidents and events; and provides an extended and holistic approach to identifying malicious activity aimed at the target organization.  By integrating and analyzing information from a variety of data sources and online activity it is able to accurately identify threats and provide organizations with a unified, and proactive defense strategy.

Benefits & Application

Why XploitGuardian?

XploitGuardian proactively monitors customer environments for suspicious activity, anomalies, and indicators of compromise. It delivers real-time threat analysis by correlating and contextualizing activity within the environment, delivering a truly holistic approach to threat management.  Dynamic Threat Intelligence data ensures Exploit-Guardian can proactively identify any communication with known malicious entities, allowing the organization to respond appropriately.


Advanced threat hunting capabilities provide organizations with the ability to conduct in-depth investigations, completely supported by the LMQ Technology Security Operations Center.

Threat Hunting

Real-Time Threat Monitoring

The XploitGuardian service continuously monitors and analyzes network and system activities to identify and respond to any potential security threats that occur. This proactive approach helps organizations detect and mitigate security incidents promptly, minimizing the potential impact of cyberattacks.  It is fully integrated with threat intelligence feeds to stay updated on the latest known threats and vulnerabilities, correlating internal data with external threat intelligence to enhance the accuracy of threat detection.

Proactive Vulnerability Assessment

Identify Weaknesses

XploitGuardian proactively and continuously inspects your environment to look for known weaknesses related to technical flaws (i.e. bugs) and suboptimal configurations which may be exploited by a threat actor.  These weaknesses are then quantified and prioritized to enhance and streamline the remediation process, further reducing the organization’s exposure.

Reconnaissance Detection

Identify Precursor Threat Activity

XploitGuardian will monitor and analyze a multitude of threat intelligence sources looking for evidence of attack preparation activity.  This includes, but is not limited to, reconnaissance being performed against the target organization and the registration of domains that mimic the appearance of those operated by the organization.  Information gathered will be used to improve threat detection and response rules for the customer.

Holistic Log Management & Threat Hunting

Investigate and Respond

By aggregating and organizing the  log data created by the various network components and applications, security analysts can utilize advanced analytics and correlation techniques to identify anomalous patterns or indicators of compromise, enabling them to proactively seek out potential threats.  By meticulously examining the data, threat hunters can uncover subtle deviations, unusual behaviors, or unauthorized access attempts that might indicate a looming security risk. 

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Fully-Managed Cyber Security

You Are Not Alone

By harnessing the power of advanced analytics, threat intelligence, and automation, LMQ Technology’s Security Operation Center (SOC) serves as the cornerstone of your organization’s cybersecurity strategy. Our Security Operations Center (SOC) ensures that organizations stay one step ahead of cyber adversaries and adapt to evolving security challenges.


By proactively monitoring the environment, identifying suspicious activities, and responding swiftly to mitigate risks before they escalate into full-blown breaches, it provides invaluable insights into emerging threats, vulnerabilities, and trends.

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