NextGEN Managed IT Services

Our unified network and security management platform ensures contextual awareness, resulting in a true and accurate picture of the customer’s environment. This progressive and comprehensive approach is key to effectively maintaining, optimizing, and securing their infrastructure.

Delivering NextGEN Managed Services with Contextual Awareness

Our NextGen managed services introduce contextual awareness to provide a progressive and comprehensive approach to maintaining, optimizing, and securing your infrastructure.

Network managed services (MSP) and security managed services (MSSP) have traditionally operated within different silos.  The problem with this approach is neither, by themselves, are really effective in providing an accurate picture of network health and activity.  However, by developing our service around our contextual awareness platform, we are able to attain full insight into network activity and behavior patterns occurring within the network, delivering an accurate picture of the current network posture. By understanding not only the events and activity occurring within the network, but also the conditions under which they occurred, we are able to identify the true incidents and underlying issues. This proactive approach to network management empowers us to optimize and secure the business appropriately, protecting it from the ever-changing threat landscape.

Vulnerability Management Service (VMS)

Vulnerability Scanning & Incident Response
Our NextGEN managed services program provides customers with routine vulnerability scanning, along with specialized monitoring protocols which are designed to identify any known vulnerabilities and/or malicious traffic present within the environment.  Frequent vulnerability scanning ensures that organizations minimize the amount of time they are exposed to any vulnerabilities currently present within their environment, therefore greatly reducing the risk of exploitation.

Network activity is continually analyzed to ensure vital and adequate information is available, should the need to perform incident response occur.

Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT)
The Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) is responsible for managing the receipt, investigation, and evaluation of security vulnerability information related to devices and services deployed within the customer’s environments. We proactively monitor, manage, and respond to a wide range of security advisories and publications which are fed into our Product Advisory Monitoring (PAM) repository, where they are assessed to determine any impact or potential impact to the customer.

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No 1st line helpdesk. Expert engineers only!

We understand that your time is valuable.  When issues arise, time is of the essence. 1st line helpdesks are designed to collect rudimentary information and triage the tickets that arise. LMQ Technology ensures that all NextGEN managed services customers are provided with direct contact with expert engineers already well-versed in their particular environment. The result:  expedited resolution times.

Ensure Data & System Integrity

The integrity of critical systems is continually monitored to ensure that any unauthorized (or unplanned) system modification (through malware or user interaction) is identified and remediated both quickly and effectively.  This service also aids in detecting and highlighting sub-optimal system configurations and provides a powerful configuration rollback utility, as well as a powerful auditing & change management platform.

Please Note: This service can assist in complying with sections 11.5 (install FIM software) and 10.5 (integrity checking of files) of PCI.

Increased System Availability & Lower Operational Support Costs

By taking a holistic approach to network & network security management, we are able to accurately identify operational issues & threats operating within the environment (many times before they are service-impacting), resulting in improved availability. Being able to correctly identify the true root cause of an issue enables us to implement an effective solution. By directly identifying the true root cause, coupled with comprehensive traffic analysis, we are able to better understand the communication patterns and services occurring within your environment, allowing us to not only identify abnormal behavior but also optimize the environment efficiently.

Why LMQ Technology?

Traditional IT managed service providers (MSP) have predominantly focused their efforts on providing IT monitoring, maintenance, and support services to their customers in an attempt to increase productivity and system availability.  This is typically achieved by providing some form of rudimentary monitoring, preventative maintenance, and support as issues arise.

LMQ Technology believes in a holistic approach to network & security management by focusing not only on the events and activity occurring within the environment, but also the conditions under which they occurred, allowing for the identification of root causes rather than just the symptoms.  By identifying the root cause of any issues occurring (service impacting or not), it allows for the identification of broken (or missing) processes and/or procedures, leading to true issue resolution.

Security Services

Managed Services

Support services

Evolving Challenges.  Evolving Management.

LMQ Technology has proven itself proficient in developing solutions and services that align themselves with the strategic objectives of the organization, serving to enhance, safeguard, and optimize their environment.  We excel at developing solutions that not only protect and secure the organization, but can sustain flexibility and responsiveness to meet the demands of the business.

The importance of network security is becoming widely understood.  Traditional managed service offerings are simply no longer efficient in protecting the organization and therefore many IT service providers advertise security services without the expertise to deliver them, effectively leaving many organizations in a highly vulnerable state, operating with a false sense of security.

The truth is that deployment and management of efficient security services demand more than simply deploying devices such as firewalls, IPS, Anti-virus, etc… The deployment of effective security controls starts with being able to uncover and identify the unique challenges and risks associated with the organization.  It requires in-depth and up to date knowledge of the ever increasing range of threats, along with their delivery mechanism.  Only then can we start to build a line of defense capable of protecting the organization.

The early detection of vulnerabilities within an organization not only allows us to remediate any identified issues, but also provides us with the opportunity to identify the flawed processes and procedures that allowed these vulnerabilities to manifest.

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