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Switching IT providers marks a pivotal decision for any business, impacting operations, efficiency, and overall growth trajectory. At LMQ Technology, we understand the critical importance of a seamless transition. This guide is crafted to ensure your switch to our services is smooth, efficient, and ultimately enhances your business performance.

Current MSP underperforming?

Common Reasons For Moving to LMQ Technology

At LMQ Technology, we specialize in addressing these challenges with bespoke solutions tailored to meet your unique business requirements.

Lack of Resonsiveness

Clients expect MSPs to be proactive in identifying and addressing potential IT issues before they escalate into larger problems. When MSPs are reactive rather than proactive, clients may experience downtime, which can impact business operations and productivity.

Poor Communication

Clients often feel frustrated when they don’t receive timely updates, clear explanations, or proactive suggestions from their MSP. Effective communication is key to building trust and ensuring transparency in the client-MSP relationship.

Lack of Expertise or Skill Gaps

Clients hire MSPs for their expertise, but if the MSP lacks specific skills or knowledge in certain technologies or industries, clients may feel underserved. MSPs need to continually invest in training and development to stay current with industry trends and technologies.

Inflexible Service Options

Businesses evolve, and their IT needs change over time. MSPs that offer rigid, one-size-fits-all service packages without flexibility to customize solutions according to client requirements may face criticism for not meeting unique business needs.

Security Concerns

With the rise in cyber threats, clients expect MSPs to prioritize cybersecurity and data protection. Complaints arise when MSPs fail to implement robust security measures or adequately respond to security incidents, putting client data at risk.

Lack of Strategic Guidence

Beyond day-to-day IT support, clients value MSPs that offer strategic IT guidance aligned with their business goals. MSPs that focus solely on technical issues without providing strategic insights may miss opportunities to add value to their clients’ businesses.

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We firmly believe that understanding our clients’ unique needs and working closely with them yields the most robust and tailored security measures. By engaging in open dialogue and leveraging our expertise, we create solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations.  Testimonials from our satisfied clients attest to the success of our collaborative approach.

Karina Da Costa
Karina Da Costa
System Innovation and Strategy Director
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LMQ Technology's and XploitGuardian has proven to be an outstanding cybersecurity solution, surpassing traditional offerings by taking a holistic approach to identifying and combating malicious activities. Its seamless integration and data analysis from diverse sources enable accurate threat identification, providing our organization with a proactive defense strategy crucial in today's threat landscape.
Erik Van Guilder
Erik Van Guilder
Solutions Manager
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LMQ Technology has proven to be a trusted partner in helping us manage our network infrastructure over the years while both controlling costs and providing outstanding uptime. We wouldn't be where we are today without LMQ Technology's support. I highly recommend LMQ Technology to any customer ranging from the SMB to the Enterprise.
Joseph B. Collins, Jr.
Joseph B. Collins, Jr.
AVP Technology Services
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LMQ is a reliable company with diverse expertise in network and security infrastructure. I have worked with LMQ over many years implementing proactive security platforms. The staff’s quality of work reflects high professional standards, technical competence, and dependability. I highly recommend Lewis and his staff.
Anthony Presley
Anthony Presley
Software Exec
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I've now worked with Lewis across 3 different companies and almost a decade of network and security management. He is perhaps the most talented network engineer I've ever worked with, and is amazingly responsive across any and all network devices and topologies that I have thrown his way. We've acquired / merged or sold 8 or 9 companies, and he worked with everything we touched flawlessly. Text, email, or call any time day or night, and he (or one of his team) will stay on it until it's resolved. Couldn't recommend his services enough.
Jin Chung
Jin Chung
VP Infrastructure
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I highly recommend Lewis and his company for networking and security consulting services. Lewis is extremely knowledgeable, dependable, flexible and is pleasure to work with.
Jeremy M. Verrillo
Jeremy M. Verrillo
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Few people can make such a technical field as Information Security a practical and engaging experience like Lewis has done for us. I have worked with Lewis over the past two years to ensure our data is protected to the highest level possible. He takes the time to demonstrate vulnerabilities in ways I can understand, rather than leave me with a table of technical jargon to decipher on my own. Lewis cares so much about your information security, he seems much more your sidekick, than your contractor. Lewis is an essential part to any InfoSec team.

Customer Testimonials

Customer Success

Mr. Jeremy Verrillo
CEO CIP Solutions

CIP Solutions engaged our Penetration Testing service to identify and understand any vulnerabilities associated with those systems responsible for protecting sensitive client data.

Mr. David Skalish & Mr. Andrew Swank
Audacy (Entercom Philadelphia)

Following a company migration LMQ Technology was brought in to resolve network connectivity issues associated with communication between the customer’s radio transmitter sites.

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